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Rodrigo Mendoza

Artisan jewel



When you enter Rodrigo’s workshop, you enter into a world of alchemy, steel, blowtorches and other items that, a priori, wouldn’t look like metalsmith’s tools. His hands are small but strong, as are his jewelry.

For him, craftsmanship is the manual transformation of matter into a product; from an idea, a design into the final creation. He makes a very pedagogical analogy: “an artisan is like a cook, transform ingredients with his own hands until he reaches the final dish that the diner eats.”

As the natural creator he is, he has achieved his profession through self-study. His interest in metal has made him create works from 2 g to objects of 800 kg. His energy and curiosity to experiment are his source of inspiration.

“I have had some very pleasant surprises while working. It happened more than 30 years ago. I was experimenting with salts and nickel chloride diluted in water. By chance, I moved it to another container. Suddenly, some pyramids started to form, of the category of gemstones, in all sizes and with an intense emerald color. Unfortunately, this show was brief.”

Artisan number: 15,202