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Marian Reyes

Artisan weaver

Marian Reyes

The Hand Made Things

Marian’s hands reflect all the years they have been working in front of her wooden loom. A cheerful and dreamy artisan, she perceives her profession as a means to create her bags, using design, quality, uniqueness and, above all, her soul.

Formed in two schools in Barcelona and also self-taught, she began in her profession due to the need of creating and offering other products avoiding stereotypes of industrial production.

Her inspiration comes from anywhere: landscape, city, listening to a song, or simply talking to people.

“I remember once when I was working with my wooden loom in front of the public and a person watching asked me innocently: you are weaving a fishing net, right? By this I mean that this profession is unknown to the general public.”

Master artisan weaver.