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Dolors Just

Textil artisan

Marian Reyes

Dolors Just

Maria Dolors’ hands are thin and delicate as are her clothes.

Feelings are part of her. This is how she entered into the arts and crafts. She started her path in the craft in what is now the School of Arts and Crafts in ceramics. When she completed her studies, she continued with the textile discipline, which has become her profession.

For her, craftsmanship is her life; the difference of doing different things in the world, the soul of the craftsman in the work becomes a pleasure in every way.

Curious, restless, observant, she seeks inspiration in the mountains, the sea, the city, landscapes, colours or the people around her.

“I still remember a person who called me because he needed a gift for the same night. He told me to choose the scarf myself and to bring it down to the doorway of my shop because he would pass by with the car to pick it up. I guess he liked it.”

Master artisan