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Anna Albert

Textile printer 

Marian Reyes

You can know the profession of an artisan taking a look at their hands. Anna’s have touches of colour. As a textile printer, she began to study what is now her trade at the Barcelona Arts and Crafts School. Although her history in this field goes back many years ago at the hands of her parents, she does not enter the professional world until years after completing her studies. Under the guidance of artists and craftsmen she plunges into the world of silk art.

For her, craftsmanship is knowing how create with your hands, a culture and its traditions, passion, sensitivity, perseverance or design. A design that is inspired by her daily work, the observation of the environment, her dreams and, foremost, her inquisitiveness to experiment.

“One day I had a dream in which I was making a silk flower. I experimented. Gave it form. Put a stem. Labelled it. And I was wrapped in a rose with poems written”.

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