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Nuria Alvarez


Nuria Alvarez de Lara

Nuria Alvarez de Lara

It is known that Joan is a jeweler because his hands are dry for the soot of the metals he uses when he is working.

Nuria began in the craftsmanship by the hand of her mother: sculptor, ceramicist and painter. Since her youth, she started working in the family workshop. Later, she trained in various disciplines of jewelry to perfect the craft.

For years, Nuria and Joan worked together in their workshop. One day, by accident, Nuria was forced to leave this profession, but even today speaks passionately about it.

Both agree that craftsmanship is working manually with either hands or hands. A categorical statement. And inspiration comes by working with them every day.

The passion for the craft makes you stay to days without sleep to mount a professional exhibition stand in Madrid. The results: the great success.”

Jeweler card numbers: 3,821 and 3,822